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    Management Committee

    2022 -2023 Rosewood Community Centre Committee Members

    Rosewood and District Support Centre Inc. Committee Members 2022 -2023

    Jon P, John H, Bob H, Kay N, Ron T, Gaylene S, Nelly H

    Rosewood and District Support Centre

    The Management Committee looks back on what an extraordinary and tumultuous year 2020 has been. In the subsequent years since the inaugural Steering Committee meeting on Thursday 28th 1999, for the proposed Rosewood and District Support Centre (RADSc), there have been many events and challenges for RADSc to overcome. 


    Management Committees over the  years have witnessed many events and fulfilled many of the initial Strategic Planning Goals, encapsulated in the minutes of that inaugural Management Steering Committee meeting. 


    We should now be looking back on the difficult year of 2020, and celebrate the remarkable achievements in this difficult environment. The Management Committee of RADSc Inc; wishes to pay a particular thanks to our Staff, Volunteer Program Co-ordinators, Volunteers , and Networking Partners, for their loyalty, dedication, and flexibility in 2020. We would also like to express our thanks and gratitude and honour all that have gone before us 


    RADSc Inc. honours and reflects on our past, celebrates the present and embraces our future. 

    RADSc Inc. Management Committee Governance:

    The Management Committee of RADSc Inc.  are committed to high standards of corporate governance. RADSCc Inc. operates within the requirements of the Queensland Corporations Act 2001; (adopting the model rules as set out in the Associations Corporations Act Queensland 2001),  Australian Accounting Standards and other Australian legislative obligations and as  Charitable entity Not for Profit Organisation RADSc Inc. is registered with the ACNC (Australian Charities and Not for Profit Commission). 


    As much of the RADSc Inc., funding is derived through Queensland Government bodies RADSc Inc. Management Committee, operate in accordance with the governance requirements of the Queensland Government of Department of Communities, Disability Service and Seniors. 

    The RADSc Inc. Management Committee: Structure:

    The current Management Committee structure consists of a President (Chair), Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and three Ordinary Management Committee members. 

    The Management Committee of RADSc Inc.  is responsible for setting the Strategy through a consultative process with our Community, General Manager, Staff, Volunteers, and community partners. As evident through the RADSC Inc. Strategic Plan2019. 

    What is the role of the RADSc INC. Management Committee?

    The Management Committees role in RADSc Inc.  ensures that everything the organisation does supports its Vision, Purpose and Aims.  They establish the fundamental values, the ethical principles, and the strategic direction in which the organisation operates.

    RADSc Inc. Annual General Meeting

     The  AGM date, time, and location, will be announced on the RADSC website and Facebook page.

    RADSc Inc., Membership forms; are available on the website.

    RADSc Inc. Management Committee appointments:

    The RADSC Inc., Management Committee positions are declared vacant at the RADSc Inc. Annual General Meeting.

    Application forms for the Management Committee will be available on the Website prior to the AGM.

    Individuals who wish to nominate are required to complete a nomination form and forward their completed nomination form on to the existing Management Committee.  The applications will be appraised in line with the legal requirements, which comply with the model rules of the Queensland Associations Corporations Act 2001.

    RADSc Inc. Management Committee appointments:

      1. Management Appointment 

    Sub-Committee members will appraised and approved  by the RADSc Management Committee prior to the Sub-Committee forming. The existence of any Sub-Committee does not imply the fragmentation or diminution of the role of the Management Committee of RADSc Inc.

      1. Audit, Finance and Risk Committee

    The Audit, Finance and Risk committee ‘s role is defined in the RADSc Inc. Operational Manual and advises the Management Committee on matters relating to;

      • Preparation of an Annual Budget:
      • Preparation and integrity of the organisation’s annual financial accounts and statements.
      • Review of the organisation’s budget and quartley financial performance or as otherwise required. (Milestone reports to the Queensland State Government Department of Communities, Disability Service, and seniors).
      • Review of the organisation’s strategy and periodic quartley progress against key strategic indicators.
      • Risk Management including internal control, policies, and procedures that the organisation uses to identify and manage risks.
      • The organisations Insurance activities
      • Qualifications, independence, engagement, fees, and performance of the organisation’s external auditor
      • External annual audit of the organisation financial statements, and the Organisations compliance with legal regulatory requirements and compliance policies

    Strategic Planning Committee.

    No one Organisation is alike. The RADSc Inc.  ‘Strategic Plan is a working document and is owned by Members, Staff, and Volunteers.

    Our current RADSc Inc. Strategic Plan is reviewed yearly, through a consultative process at a duly conducted Community Strategic Planning Review meeting, including the Community (Public), networking partners, and members of local State and Federal representatives are invited to attend.

    Our purpose is to engage a principle of continuous improvement and benchmarking in all processes, to achieve an excellent outcomes and Improvement of our Strategic Plan.

    Due to the resilience of the organisation, RADSc Inc. was able to manage the business under a COVID-19 plan which conforms with Government requirements.

    How does RADSC Inc apply organisational resilience?

    To continue to provide services to our communities, RADSc Inc.  will  anticipate, prepare for, respond to and adapt to environmental. changes or sudden disruptions as a strong, well connected and supportive team. 

    Setting the Scene

    The Management Committee of Rosewood and District Support Centre Inc (RADSc), its employees and volunteers, embrace good Governance principles, enshrined in the legal requirements under legislation of a registered Not for Profit Organisation. Our Operational Procedures Manual is updated continuously to provide a referral to guidance processes and information to assist with our goal of Operational Excellence. 


    Our Management Committee Members, all local residents, come from varying walks of life  including Academia, Business, past Directors, Social and Community workers. This enables our Management Committee to have depth in our knowledge and life experiences which benefit our organisation to be resilient and forward thinking in our approaches and decision making strategies. 


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